J&S Scapes Party

When a garden landscaping project has just been finished and everything is looking at its very best, there is nothing like a good party to give family and friends a chance to enjoy it.  Gathering outdoors with friends is a great way to celebrate the fine weather and the space and airiness of a garden party imparts a particular magic.  Whether it’s an afternoon gathering with a few old friends or a vibrant event that lasts well into the night, it’s worth going all out to make sure that everything is as perfect as possible.

Garden furniture

New gardens usually inspire their owners to spend a lot more time outdoors enjoying the new surroundings, so why not use a garden party as an excuse to buy some really lovely furniture to use out there?  More seating and adequate table space for displaying delicious food obviously makes it possible to invite even more guests.  Wicker furniture is very fashionable at the moment and it doesn’t have the artificial look of plastic, plus it’s possible to find wicker chairs that stack, making them easier to store.  A traditional picnic table and benches can look good, and there are fantastic new sofas available for outdoor use that can make sitting in the garden as comfortable as lounging in the living room.  To really make an impression, a party host might purchase a swing seat or a hanging pod chair.

Lighting it up

Garden parties can be particularly delightful after dark, when a garden can become a secret place full of wonderful fragrances.  Choosing a party date close to full moon can ensure some enchanting natural light but extra light will usually be needed so that guests can safely find their way around.  Standing lanterns are an appealing addition to garden furnishings but often subtler lights have still more appeal.  Coloured glass jam jars with tea lights in can be placed on top of walls or suspended from tree branches.  Trees can be strung with fairy lights (the cool-burning kind so they don’t cause damage).  An underwater light can illuminate a fountain and coloured Chinese paper lanterns can be suspended on long lines between trees.

Decoration ideas

Good decorations really make a garden party feel like a festive event.  Themed decor is especially appealing and can help guests get into the party spirit, whilst home made decorations emphasise the commitment and creativity of the host.  They can also be a lot of fun to make.  Bunting is essential and can be made at home using pieces of coloured paper or magazine pages, cut into diamond shapes, folded over and attached to ribbon or string.  Bright coloured tablecloths and napkins can make quite a statement.  Colours can be coordinated with bright fruit juices or punch, bowls of fruit and vases of flowers.  As long as they’re kept at a good distance from candles, coloured streamers tied to trees can look beautiful, especially on a breezy day.

Putting together the perfect garden party is a creative challenge that the whole family can engage with.  A successful party is wonderful fun and is a fabulous opportunity to show off the new garden.