Gardens are never truly finished. Consistent and knowledgeable aftercare ensures that your garden reaches its full potential.

Gardens need to be tended to and nurtured which requires a combination of time and knowledge.

Our aftercare team will use their expertise to review the garden and prepare a bespoke schedule outlining what services are required, in order to ensure that your garden looks its best all year round.

This will include tasks such as appropriate pruning, improving soil structure, staking, lawn restoration and planting.

Meet James

The team is led by James Finnie who will take a holistic approach using skills and techniques, established in his roles as a gardener and head gardener for large country estates. The aftercare service will bring this experience of managing and developing gardens to your home.

Meet Gerhard

Gerhard who used to run one of our build teams has joined James in the aftercare department, he will work alongside James to add his experience to broaden the scope of maintenance work they take on, he will also be involved alongside James in expanding this side of the business.

Giving past clients the option of maintaining the gardens we build has proved to be very popular.

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