At J&S Scapes, we place huge value on starting every job with a design. This is because we know that your dream garden needs thought and planning.

By creating a detailed design, we ensure you achieve the perfect garden, not just in how it looks but also in how it feels.

The perfect atmosphere in a garden comes from the right details; a perfect planting scheme, the right balance of hard and soft landscaping, and a consideration of the wider surroundings, architecture and the planned use of the space.

Whether you want us to work on a sleek, modern entertainment space or a rolling country meadow, we will produce something inspired and original.

1. Brief

At our initial meeting, we will discuss and understand your aspirations for the garden. This includes how it is to be used and the type of look and feel you want.

At this meeting we can also walk around the site and get a sense of what can be achieved.

2. Survey

We require a full topographical survey to understand the shape and features of the area to be redesigned.

In addition, we will perform a full site analysis, including an inventory and assessment of existing features which can provide inspiration and guidance for the final design.

3. Concept Design

A design is developed as an aerial view sketch and will be presented alongside a mood board, samples of suggested materials and additional information to help you visualise the proposal.

The plan will start to bring the ideas to life and provide you with the opportunity to collaborate before agreeing the next steps.

4. Detailed Design

The detailed design will become the garden’s Master Plan and will be used to implement the build. It includes a detailed aerial plan along with information on the layout of the garden, materials to be used and key structural planting.

5. 3D Design

The 3D design provides you with a ‘preview’ of the finished garden. We can develop a number of images so as to provide you with a range of views of the garden and, if required, we can also provide an animated ‘journey’ through the space.

Some projects are easier to visualise then others, so the 3D images are presented as an optional part of the design process

6. Planting Plan

These outline each individual plant and its location. We will consider aspect, exposure, soil, flowering season, maintenance as well as taking a holistic view of how all the plants come together to create the perfect look and feel for the garden.

7. Build

As a design and build company, we are able to develop a plan for the garden with the practicalities of the build in mind from the start. An estimate can be provided at the Concept Plan stage and potential problems can be identified and mitigated early in the process.

With client, designer and landscapers working together, we are able to deliver the very best solution for your space.

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