Great gardens require thought and planning. It is often the detailing, craftsmanship and planting that create atmosphere in the garden. In our experience, great gardens start with a great design.

Our in-house design team are tasked with ensuring that our clients get the garden they desire. Each project is unique and will usually be influenced by the setting, existing architecture and client’s wishes. With that in mind, the team will produce an inspired and original garden, be it a sleek modern entertainment space or a rolling country meadow.
During busy times, the design team may be unable to fulfil all design enquiries. However, we work with a number of talented and established garden designers who we can recommend in such instances.

Design Process

The design process can take one of many routes and is very much based on the client’s needs. We outline the process
at the beginning of each project but the following details the typical service we provide.


An initial meeting enables us to understand your aspirations for the garden. We will discuss how the garden is to be used and get a feeling for your desired aesthetic for the space.

This meeting also enables us to walk around the site and get a sense of the place and what can be achieved.


A site survey forms the basis for the design work. We will perform a full topographical survey or instruct a professional surveyor should the complexity and scale of the site require it.

We will also deliver a full site analysis including an inventory and assessment of existing features to provide detailed information and what can often be inspiration for the final design.

Ideas and Sketches

From the brief and survey, we will start the creative process and develop a proposal. This may be in the form of a sketched plan (aerial view), a photographic mood board to further articulate the aesthetic and additional sketches as required.  We will also introduce samples of suggested materials that will fit with the design.

This will help you to visualise the garden and form the basis of any further discussion with a view to gaining commitment and agreement for the final design.

Detailed Proposal

The detailed proposal is the garden’s Master Plan. This will include a detailed design which is presented in plan (aerial view) and not only details the structure of the garden, but also outlines the materials to be used and key structural planting. Elevation and perspective drawings may also be used to further articulate the design if required.

Planting Plans

Whilst the planting has been in mind throughout the creative process, with the structure agreed, we will prepare a detailed planting plan. This plan will outline each plant and its location taking into account many factors such as aspect, exposure, soil, flowering season and maintenance requirements as well as the aesthetic qualities each plant brings to the garden.

A supporting schedule will provide specific quantities which enable trade nurseries to prepare quotes.

Construction Specification

We will prepare a full construction specification and provide any additional drawings that may be required to ensure our build team create the garden as envisaged.

Design Costs

The design cost is a fixed fee which will be discussed and agreed at the start of the process. Our fee is based on guidance from the Society of Garden Designers and will vary depending upon the size and complexity of the project.

Construction Costs

With the design work complete. Jeremy from the build team will provide you with a fully itemised quote for the construction of your garden.

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