A summer terrace to soak in the views.

This garden is now a joy to be in but it certainly wasn’t without its challenges.

We were initially met with overgrown shrubs, borders and a failing terrace outside of a pool house. It was clear that the ground had begun to subside and also that the pool house was not correctly aligned to the geometry of this Georgian walled garden.

However, the property is full of character and Georgian grandeur. The oak framed pool house had aged gracefully and the garden enjoys fantastic views across to the Chiltern Hills.

The design contains two key decisions that help to make the most of the space. The seating space has been taken down to a lower terrace so as to provide an uninterrupted view from inside the pool house. Secondly, the main seating area is circular. The use of the circle enabled us to conceal the angles created by the mis-alignment of the pool house.

The client’s wish was for a space that ‘looked as though it has always been there’. As such, the choice of materials, plants and the delivery of the landscaping needed to reflect the surroundings. Oak, sandstone, topiary and reclaimed bricks are used throughout the scheme and the build team took care to ensure a ‘rustic’ finish.

The planting is a juxtaposition of neat architectural topiary and multi-stem trees along with a vibrant palette of perennials. The garden has a ‘classic’ feel to it and does, indeed, feel as though it has always been there.

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