We recently made the decision to build a new office on our site in Whitchurch and we are pleased to announce that we have moved in. With a growing business, space was at a premium but it was imperative that the design and landscape teams shared the space to ensure clear communication across all of our proejcts. As such, a large open plan office has been developed and provides a great space in which we can plan our clients gardens.

We have also taken the opportunity to start developing the outside space as a showroom. Whilst our design team will suggest appropriate materials and products, we feel it is important to see the products for yourself. The materials represent a sizeable proportion of the overall investment and we hope that an invite to our showroom gives clients the chance to make an informed decision.

We have a hand-picked selection of products which have been tried and tested. We can offer impartial advice, talking you through the pros and cons of various materials and products which cover a wide variety of stone types, porcelain styles, finishes and price points. Selecting a surface that looks good is one thing, selecting one that is appropriate to the use and environment requires knowledge and experience.

If you are considering transforming your garden then please contact us and perhaps come and see the office for yourself.