Small gardens can often present a greater challenge then larger projects. Within a small space each detail can feel amplified so each decision during the design process takes on greater importance.

When we were asked to design and build this small garden in Buckinghamshire, the brief was to create space for a keen but lapsed gardener. The space is on a slope and featured a moss ridden lawn, small patio, access path and was edged with borders. The owner was a keen gardener but was unable to look after the space having had keen surgery. The sloped lawn and ground level borders were proving difficult. The aim was to level the space, whilst keeping the sloped path, and bring the planting up to a more user friendly height. The lawn was to be removed but open space was required and the planting was to be bold and full.

The property, whilst new, had a number of details and materials which helped tie it to the Victorian and Georgian vernacula of the village and the design was to include these.

The outcome is a lovely garden with raised beds full of flower, brick detailing to match the house and an effcient use of space. The owner is gardening one again and enjoying the the benefits this brings plus the view from the house.

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