On a long hot summer’s day (we do get some), the opportunity to wander out of the house and dive into the pool is one that many of us may dream of. However, having a new pool constructed is not a decision to be taken lightly. How often will you use it? Can you keep up with the maintenance? Will it add or detract from the look of the garden?

We recently visited Ensata who design and construct natural pools and swimming ponds. If you are looking to invest in a pool, then a walk around their show pool will quickly inspire you to consider a natural pool.

They look beautiful at any time of year, whether in use or not. Our visit in January was certainly a little chilly for swimming but the icy still water reflected the winter sun as the water edge planting was draped with frost. Come the summer, the crystal clear and welcoming water will be surrounded by lush planting. Maintenance is much lower than a typical chlorinated pool. No covers, no chemicals. A natural pool will really add to your garden and become a key feature within it. The pools can be any shape and the lush planting blends into the garden as well as being magnet for wildlife with birds dipping, swallows swooping and dragonflies darting across the water.

Existing pools can be converted to this ecological and beautiful alternative. The ‘technology’ is simple; with the water plants, known as the regeneration zone, filtering and purifying the water. As the plants take the nutrients from the water, algae cannot develop and thrive.

If you are looking to have your garden designed and landscaped and are considering a pool, then please contact us to discuss how we work, the specialist suppliers we partner with and the options available.

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